Bible Study - Daniel Chapter 2
                          The New World Order and the Next World Leader!
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The Next World Leader by John Quade

A Bible Study - The King of Babylon's Dream of Daniel 2, as well as Daniel 3 & 5, and Revelation 13 & 14

Daniel 2:1-5 
The king of Babylon has a troubling dream.  He calls his wise men
to tell him what it means, but he cannot remember the dream, and as a result they cannot interpret it.

Daniel 2:16 
Daniel, a young Hebrew captive in Babylon, asks for a chance to interpret the king's dream. 

Daniel 2:19-35 
God shows Daniel both the dream and its meaning. Daniel tells the king he saw an image-head of gold, breast and arms of silver,
belly and thighs of brass, and legs of iron.  The king now recalls that yes, this was his dream, but what does it mean? 

Daniel 2:36-38  Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, "Thou art this head of gold."  The head represents Babylon, the great empire that around 606 BC began to reign in golden splendor. 

Daniel 2:39  Medo-Persia, though as inferior to Babylon as silver is inferior to gold, would nevertheless overthrow Babylon.  History tells us this happened in 538 BC.  The third kingdom of brass took over in 331 BC, when Alexander the Great led Greece to conquer the then known world.

Daniel 2:40  Historians tell us that "the iron monarchy of Rome", the fourth empire on the scene, became the undisputed superpower in 168 BC.  What next?  Would another world empire follow that of Rome?

Daniel 2:41  Unlike the others, Rome would remain, but in a divided condition.  By 476 AD, 10 barbaric tribes had claimed Rome's territory, and seven of these ten kingdoms have become the nations that we know as England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  But three of the original ten tribes no longer exist. (Daniel chapter 7 explains why.)

Daniel 2:42  As the feet and toes were part iron, part clay, some of those that remain are strong nations, some weak.

Daniel 2:43  These nations will not cleave, or stick together.  Through the centuries, many attempts have been made to join the nations of Europe by military conquest or intermarriage, but they have failed.  Yet just while attempts are being made to form a new world order, ...

Daniel 2:44, 45  A stone cut out "without hands" hits the image in the feet and becomes a mountain that fills the whole earth.  This represents the everlasting, glorious kingdom that God will set up for His people.
The next world leader is Jesus Christ, the Rock of our salvation. The stone represents Jesus at His second coming. At that time the kingdoms of this world will disappear.

Nebuchadnezzar marveled at the interpretation of his dream.
Daniel 2:46,47 The king believes Daniel and believes in Daniel's God, but soon afterward he forgets.

The King Sets Up An Image
Daniel 3:1 The prophetic dream had revealed the history of the world up to the second coming of Christ, with successive kingdoms ruling the world, but the king did not want that to happen. He made an image all of gold. By this he represented the great Babylon, which he had built, ruling forever. Exalting his own human achievements, he rejected what God had said. The image was 60 cubits high and six cubits wide, and the Bible tells us that six is the number of a man.

Daniel 3:2-6 The king invited the VIP's of his kingdom to see the image, and then told them all to bow down and worship it! He enforced the false worship of a false god. When he rejected God, he revealed the spirit of the devil.

Daniel 3:12 But not everyone fell before the image. Three men stood tall for God while everyone else bowed down.

Daniel 3:19,20 The king became furious and ordered the three to be thrown into the furnace, again showing the spirit of the devil. Would God let them die in the flames?

Daniel 3:24,25 When the king looks into the furnace, he sees not three men, but four, and the fourth is Jesus, the Son of God. They stood for God, and Jesus stood for them. It is the same today. If we stand true for God, Jesus will stand for us.

Maybe you feel like you're going through the furnace sometimes. If so, remember that Jesus will go through it with you and will not let it destroy you.

Isaiah 43:1,2 God has called the redeemed by name, and they are His. He has promised that whether we go through the waters or the fire, our Savior will be with us.

Nebuchadnezzar wanted his plans to overrule God's plans, but they could not. No matter how much we convince ourselves that things are going to go our way, still God's word is going to come to pass.

Another Image Will Be Set Up
In the end, there will be an attempt to get the world to worship a man-made image in the place of God. Revelation calls it the image of the beast.

Revelation 13:13-14 What will be the result of worshiping the image?

Revelation 14:9,10 Here we see serious issues brought to view
associated with the mark of the beast.  Why do people end up worshipping the image and receiving the mark.

Revelation 14:8  The world is going to drink the wine of Babylon and become drunk.  This will cause the world to become so confused that they will worship the image and receive the mark of the beast.  It happens just before Jesus comes the second time.

Revelation 14:14-16 What will happen to the nations at the end?

Revelation 19:11-15 Jesus will come to smite the nations and rule with a rod of iron. What does that mean?

Revelation 2:27 It means the nations of the earth will be broken to shivers, or small pieces. Where else have we read about the nations being shattered?

Daniel 2:44,45 Jesus, represented by the stone, shatters earth's kingdoms at His second coming. We see here how the book of Daniel unlocks the meaning of the Revelation. The worship of the image in Daniel's day sheds light on the worship of the image in the last days. It is the worship of the word and works of the creature(man), above the word and works of the Creator(God.)

Who will have our worship? Who will have our service? We are going to see how the Antichrist will try to shift our focus from the true worship of God to false worship, from the true Jesus to a false Jesus. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar shows what will happen to man's achievements. The kingdoms of the world will be broken to pieces at Jesus' 2nd coming. Which side will we be on?

"and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."
            Luke 21:11

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